Some of our current projects are listed below.

Amicus Institute

Amicus Institute brings together expert law academics from around the world to help lawyers and law students with their legal education needs.

Academia Indonesia

Axle Wheel is currently developing Academia Indonesia - a highly innovative approach to academic and professional development between Australia and Indonesia. Watch this space for future developments!

Catalytic Converter Buyer

Catalytic Converter Buyer is a radically innovative precious metal recovery system that sees all types and quantities of catalytic converters accepted for higher than average returns. Catalytic Converter Buyer has grown to an international network of businesses in many countries in the Asian region with refining taking place in Japan.

Prayer Farm

Prayer Farm in the Northern Territory is a niche egg production agrobusiness focussed on utilising waste and unused resources to produce local, fresh and free-range eggs which wholesale for more than double the retail price of standard eggs.